A 4-week programme to get your weight under control 

Whether you want to get in shape, shed just a few pounds, or make a more fundamental shift in your size and weight, then our Weight Management Programme is for you.

Over 4 sessions, typically run over 4 weeks, we'll use your unconscious resources to help you make lasting changes.

Does Hypnotherapy Work for Weight Management?

The Journal of Integrative Medicine published a narrative review of Hypnotherapy studies in the treatment of weight issues in January 2021. In it, the conclusion is that, in 7 separate trials and more than 530 participants, the overwhelming majority found hypnosis to be effective in enabling initial weight loss and in sustaining it beyond the end of any 'diet' period.

Hypnotherapy not only works very effectively for reducing weight in the first place but most importantly, there is clinical evidence from a controlled trial in March 1998 that those who undertook hypnotherapy kept the weight off in the long term compared to other forms of weight loss.

This programme is NOT about weight loss alone. We do not believe in yoyo dieting!

It is about Weight Management; an ongoing process for getting to, and staying at, the right weight.

Is Hypnotherapy All You Need?

Hypnotherapy alone is very effective but with all of our programmes, it can be made even more effective using EFT and NLP techniques to address the cravings and habits around eating.

It’s the combination of these tools and techniques that make our Weight Management programme so effective.

Weight and Self-esteem

It's one of the hardest nuts to crack. For many people, their weight comes to define them. They label themselves as overweight, large, cuddly. It becomes part of their identity and that's hard to change by changing what they eat, when they eat it, and how much of it they eat.

When so much around weight is tied into identity, beliefs, habits and behaviours, there's quite a lot to change if lasting weight loss and management is to be possible.

Naturally thin people think of themselves as thin. They don't have an identity which means having to watch what they eat.

And therein lies part of the problem. To lose weight and keep it off by using a traditional calorie-counting approach means you have to watch your food and count the calories of the food, the very thing that you need to eat less of. Even the strongest willpower on earth is going to find that tough to cut through.

That's why our programme focuses on metabolism, beliefs, cravings, and self-esteem.




  • 4 x 60-Minute Sessions
  • Typically a 4-week programme
  • Hypnosis, NLP and EFT techniques used
  • Powerful and Transformative
  • Change for Good

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All you need is an open mind and a willingness to allow your unconscious to provide the resources you need to make lasting changes.

It's as simple as that. Four sessions, once a week for an hour, and you'll find that changes start happening right from the start.

And if you ever need a further session to help maintain the momentum you'll gather through our programme, we're always on hand to keep you going.