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To be in the driving seat and make things happen, you need to become an Influencing Ninja

If you're in a job role that requires interacting with others, selling, marketing, teamwork, customer service, or managing, then you need to become amazing at Influencing and Persuasion. If you're a parent, a friend, a partner, community member, then so do you.

In fact, I cannot think of a human being alive that does not influence or get influenced by themselves or others. Would you like to be better at it? Would you like to learn how influencing your surroundings and those around you for the benefit of customers, co-workers, family, and society can improve your opportunity for achievement and fulfilment?

I take individuals and audiences on a voyage of discovery to show you who to influence, how to do it best (and ethically), and I'll tell you stories that educate, inspire and entertain. And at the end of it all? Your very own magic wand.

Book me for your event, whether that's in-person or virtual, and I'll deliver a keynote or workshop that'll be remembered for years and will change the lives of the audience, their companies, co-workers, family, friends and customers forever.

To Influence The Deal..

...you need to understand the science of influence and persuasion. You need to know how your customer is thinking, what they care about and how to talk, write and behave in order to influence them to work with you and your company.


Get Inspired to Create Your Own Luck

Funny thing is, the more you practise your influencing and persuasion skills, the luckier you'll become. When you put your customer, prospect, colleagues, friends, family and acquaintances at the centre of your universe you'll find your Influence Quotient go through the roof.

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Inspire, train, entertain and energise your team to become Influencing Ninjas. Once they see the power of using science and psychology every day, they'll never look back. Watch as their sphere of influence increases and their powers of persuasion deliver greater personal and professional success.


Harness the Power of Influence to Get to 'Yes'

If you could find a way to better influence your customer and your organisation, would you take it?

Do you sometimes feel you need to give yourself a bit of a talking to and wish you had more influence over your emotions?

In this talk, I cover what it means to influence, including the ethical side of it, and the difference between influence and force or persuasion and coercion.

I'll aim to entertain and inspire you with the science of influence and tell stories that'll bring the topic alive with possibilities for the audience.

With practical takeaways that can be implemented from the moment delegates leave the auditorium or virtual session, the audience will soon find they are consciously influencing their surroundings, themselves and those around them.

This is an entertaining, informative, inspiring and practical keynote that'll get the audience hearing 'yes' more often.

Becoming a Neuro-Selling Ninja

Who doesn't want to be a Ninja? And who doesn't love the sound of becoming a neuro-seller?

How can the sales team be even better at creating, developing and leading deals to closure? The answer is to become a neuro-seller. If you don't know what one of those is, you're going to love this keynote.

In the session, I will let you into the secrets and science of influence and persuasion, talking through what it is, how it works and what it means for sellers and buyers.

In a world where buyers have access to as much information as they need or could ever want, the way to stand our from the crowd is to understand your customer and get into their mind.

With practical tips and stories to bring the techniques alive, you'll leave the talk thinking in a different way and wondering how to put your newfound ninja tricks to the test.

And maybe, just maybe, your curiosity will compel you to find out more.

Using Your Brain for More Change £$€

Did you know that you already have all the resources you need to succeed? I mean, sure, you'd like more time and opportunities, an easier product to sell or an industry that's booming in which to operate.

But your fellow salespeople have the same external forces at play. What is it they are doing differently or better?

In this talk, I will cover the ways the brain likes to operate and the strategies and tactics you can employ to make it work to your advantage. Imagine programming your brain to help you in every aspect of your life. After this talk, you'll no longer need to imagine.

Not only will you cover the ways in which you can use your brain to change your own state of mind and ways in which you operate to drive your sales efforts, but you'll learn how to use your brain to consciously influence your customer and get access to more of their pocket change. In fact, I will show you how you can turn your customer's pocket change into significant amounts of money for your business.

The secret is to present to them what they see as value. Sounds simple, and it is when you use your brain for more change.


Jarmila Yu - Chief Marketing Officer

“Your talk at the Attraction Factor session was super good! Energetic, enlightening, funny and highly useful for all delegates to use every day. We'll definitely have you back for a future event.”

Pete Pastides - CEO

"Unbelievably eye-opening session where Ralph showed us how we are unwittingly influenced every day and how we can harness the power of influence ourselves. I'm making this part of my daily routine now."

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